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We are educational center for health, sustainability and environment. Our 100 acres property is located in the pristine environment of north part of Hastings Highlands County. When you go to sleep, this calm environment evoke in you feelings of pure nature. With this basic human need our Bio Oasis provides quiet, noiseless place for healing the body, mind, and spirit. World has not yet found a suitable description for beauty of the nature.

The property is rich with edible wild plants that are going to nourish you from the inside out, with their abundance of vitamins and minerals. Clean air and water from our well is going to dissolve the accumulated stress and little physical work on plant and herbal gardens will just refresh your muscles and joints…

You are not going to wait for too long before you feel the wind of change. The power, with which the nature is able to restore our broken bodies is unbelievable. For the moment, this experience is going to free you from the speedy and stressful world.



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